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Root Canal Retreatment

Why do I need my root canal retreated?

Signs or symptoms of root canal failure can develop if bacteria infect the root canal system.  There are various ways that bacteria could get inside of your tooth.  It may be that the root canal system in your tooth has a hidden canal that went untreated during the first treatment.  Or, there may have been too much time between your initial root canal treatment before a permanent restoration was placed to seal and protect the tooth.  Sometimes, the permanent restoration may not have provided an adequate seal and bacteria were able to once again leak in and contaminate the root canal system.

How can a specialist help my root canal treated tooth that needs a retreatment?

Endodontists have specialized training and equipment to perform retreatment on a tooth that has previous root canal therapy.  New techniques, technology, and equipment can be used to make your retreatment more effective and comfortable than your previous treatment. For example, the use of 3-D imaging can help assess if there was a hidden canal that was untreated, or may help us to treat a difficult canal all the way to the tip of the root that was previously only able to be cleaned part of the way.  Your endodontist will discuss all possible treatment options and what will work best for you.

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