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Root Surgery / Apicoectomy

Why does my tooth need root surgery?

Occasionally, a root may have an issue that is not able to be resolved from the inside of the root through a traditional root canal or retreatment.  This may be due to a crack developing at the tip of the root, or a colony of bacteria growing on the outside of your root that then causes infection and inflammation in the surrounding bone and gums.  There are various endodontic surgical procedures designed to address issues on the external surface of the root.  We always have a scheduled consultation with you prior to scheduling your surgical treatment appointment in order to discuss which treatment is best for you.  By far the most common surgical procedure to save your tooth is an apicoectomy or root end resection.

What is an Apicoectomy?

During an apicoectomy, local anesthetic is given to make sure that you are pain-free during your treatment.  An incision is made in the gums to allow access to the end of the root and the surrounding inflamed tissue.  The tip of the root is removed, and a filling is placed to seal off the end of your tooth.  The gums are sutured to close the incision, and then bone can fill in to heal the area around your tooth.

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